Guitar Repairs Belfast

IMG_2435Here is the latest casualty into the workshop.

A broken headstock but thankfully the owner hasn’t messed around with it and tried to put it together again.

The angle of the neck at the break means I will need to make up a caul to allow me to clamp the headstock after I glue it.

Guitar Repairs Belfast

Extremely busy with repairs over the past month. I’ve said before how they seem to come in spurts of the same type of job. This month its replacing faulty end pin jack sockets in acoustic/electric guitars – crackly jack sockets. The problems were all to do with bad earth connections between the jack socket and…

Guitar Repairs N. Ireland

Floyd Roses: I’m not sure there is sufficient gain for the they cause some people. My advice is: Don’t fit one to your guitar until you are comfortable doing some basic set up stuff for yourself. I have some clients with Floyd Roses who need to bring their guitars to me for a re-string. Great for…

Guitar Repairs Belfast

I’m just finishing off a repair on a cracked Gibson SG body. This guitar has been well used and loved over the years and, although it is showing it’s age, still plays and sounds great. Now that the body crack is safe and secure, it should go on for many years to come. Not sure…