Custom Guitars Belfast

You will have seen the refinished Samick body in a previous post. Well, here is the finished guitar. As well as doing the body, I made a pair of single coil pickups wound to 7k ohms with AlNiCo V poles and a humbucker similar to an Iommmi signature pup. Wound to 13.5 k ohms with…

Guitar Repairs N.Ireland

Its been a long while since I last published a post. Lots of work and little time. In the meantime I’ve been doing a lot of interesting guitar jobs from pimping guitars to doing some challenging repairs. Below is a recent one that came in with a caved in heel and top hanging off after…

Guitar Repairs Belfast

Here is the repaired headstock from an earlier post.

This headstock was broken right across the 6th string tuner hole.

The repair entailed gluing up the break with hide glue, clamping the headstock up while the glue set and then colouring in the break and lacquering up the headstock – good as new!


Guitar Repairs Belfast

IMG_2435Here is the latest casualty into the workshop.

A broken headstock but thankfully the owner hasn’t messed around with it and tried to put it together again.

The angle of the neck at the break means I will need to make up a caul to allow me to clamp the headstock after I glue it.